Our menu is filled with specialties from the old as well as the new Berlin. Dishes that our namesake Zille loved and all the modern classics. We cook with a lot of love and passion so just in case you’ve just indulged in a little too much good food – a glas of Kümmel will sure help!


Zille’s Favorites  

Find some delicious treasures in our menu! Specialties from the old Berlin are waiting for you. Got an apetite for Graupen – a barley broth – hearty and home made? Or taste Zille’s bratwurst along with our own special beer sauce! We’re sure you’ll find your personal favorite.

Zille’s Favorites


Make yourself at home! The historic atmosphere at Zille-Stube will make you and all your guests relax and just have a great time. What also adds to Gemutlichkeit at Zille-Stube is our staff dressed in historic costumes – a true Berlin original.



What’s an evening at Zille-Stube without music and a little “culturetainment”? Some true Berlin originals like Heinrich Zille and The Captain of Köpenick will take you on a journey back in time – back to old Berlin. With a gramophone and stories from the past. By the way: our walls are decorated with many Zille drawings.


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Berlin Style Currywurst

Berlin Style Currywurst €7.85

A true Berlin original: Bratwurst variation with curry powder and special ketchup, served with fries.

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Jeden 1. und 3. Freitag im Monat, 19 Uhr
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Das Nikolaiviertel

Berlin´s Origins are in the Nikolai quarter. The Nikolaikirche at its centre is the oldest building of the town that is still standing, and also Berlin's first church.

The history of the town of Berlin, the first mention of which in an official document was made in 1237, started in the Eastern part of Berlin-Cölln, a double-town split by the river Spree. Founded at the crossing of land and water trading routes on both sides of the Spree, it was first connected by the Mühlendamm dam and later by a bridge.

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Wir stellen für Sie gern ein individuelles Unterhaltungsprogramm und Menu zusammen. Bitte fragen Sie an!


Some true Berlin originals like Heinrich Zille and The Captain of Köpenick will take you on a journey back in time - back to old Berlin.

Mit Zille durch das Neue Jahr!

Willkommen in der Zille-Destille

Here’s a true Berlin original! Right in the middle of Nikolaiviertel, the historic heart of the city and just a few steps away from Berlin’s oldest structure, Nikolaikirche or Church of St. Nicholas. Enjoy great food and discover some typical german dishes from the old Berlin in a relaxing historic atmosphere. Here, some original characters from Berlin’s past are still alive: Heinrich Zille, The Captain of Köpenick and many others. Learn about Berlin’s history and be entertained at the same time - a great idea for your company event or family reunion too! Let our staff make your evening at Zille-Stube a fabulous experience. So come on in - “Nischt wie rinn!” - as the Berliner would say.
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